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Agra is not only famous for Taj Mahal. It is also famous for its street food. Explore the historic, architectural, cultural place with the yummy food. Apart from maintaining the mainstream eateries, let’s go the ideas where we feel the big place food in Agra. The regional specialities made and accepted on the stalls in those clogged passages feel the best. Paratha: Paranthas are the characteristic practice of the Mughlai and simply go to Agra. If you believe Delhi is the best place for street food then include them here in Agra, as it is the newest point to understand them. Packed with yummy paneer, cauliflower, potato or carrot, they are worked with luscious curd, vegetable chews and tangy responsibilities. Chicken Rice: Chicken Rice is one of the commonly eaten and dedicated dishes, a must-have amongst the street food in Singapore. All coffee stall has a Chicken Rice Stall attached…

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