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2ND December Street

Street food has actually experienced a revival in the past few years, it’s all regarding food pushcarts, street food, kiosks – easy to carry and comfortable to eat light bites, pecks and hot meals. And every nation has its own story of street-side merchants dishing out good food. Here are 8 marvellous street food dishes, that you can get best here in Dubai. Shawarma: Al Mallah is a famous spot for Shawarma lovers. The staff are friendly and the service is great. They also serve a mean falafel sandwich, if you need to try something unusual. They are best known for their varieties of chicken and chicken shawarmas that are accepted in the order of a sandwich, plate or a regular saj. The quality of the shawarma is absolutely out of this world! Oman Chips Roll: Oman Chips is a greatly popular and local chip found in the Arab that…

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