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If there are two things Hyderabad is famous for, they are—Char Minar and biryani.  Known the country over for serving the spiciest and most delightful biryanis, Hyderabad is the place any foodie would encounter heaven. Okay, prefer to discover which ones are the best? Here’s a rundown of the considerable number of spots with the most flavorful and acclaimed biryani in Hyderabad:  Rayudu Briyani House: For about 15 years now, Rayudu Biryani House in Moti Nagar has been serving up Andhra-style biryani and it’s the place we request our Sunday lunch from. On the off chance that on certain days, you’re wanting less hot (and masaledaar) biryani, this spot can be your go-to. The spot is typically packed so be set up to line up and hang tight for your turn. Since there is scarcely any seating territory, we suggest going for a takeaway or requesting it in. Their scope…

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Famously known as ‘the City of Pearls’ Hyderabad is chosen by thousands of visitant periodically who want to get a look of the popular Charminar and further exploring the greatly reputed Hyderabadi Biryani! Nevertheless, Hyderabad is not all concerning Biryani’s as it is more house to any of the great street food and street food divisions in the nation; some of which are so refreshing and good that you will really not be ready to get lots of it!! Hyderabadi Biryani: What could be greater than the world-famous Hyderabadi Biryani to begin the list of the various important Hyderabad street food items! This is one of the several important Hyderabad street food which can be observed in nearly every edge of the city. It is a delightful and yummy important central area given of rice and is followed with the excellent combination of seasonings and flavouring which is difficult to…

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