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puttu kadala

Kerala is a region where you will get real food of south India and also the products from other states and even international dishes with an Indian character. Kerala or any other south Indian state must rice in plenty and thus most of their requirements have something done of rice. For example the real Idli’s and Dosas and all composed of rice batter. Here, is the decision of top 8 street food. Puttu and Kadala Curry: Puttu and Kadal curry are most famous in Kerala. This is a considerably favourite breakfast thing and staple food of Kerala. These Kerala dishes are always served with yummy kadala curry which is primarily black channa but can be handled in whichever direction it good! Appam with Stew: Nobody, what you have it with, famous delicious appam will change that dish? flavour power behind hundred! But, it is frequently joined with a south Indian…

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