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Nasi Lemak Street Food

Some experiences that have obtained a home in Malaysia found food showcasing their uniqueness and treasures which have developed one of, if not the highlight of a trip here. Even in old times, Malaysia was a favoured stop on the world’s seasoning business route. As a result, local foods effect commonly feelings from all over the familiar world to create a unique characteristic only found here. Foods from all over still remain to flow within this connection point of the world. Ramly burger: This vast cheap eat is so successful that it has even graced the margins of New York City. A preference among Malaysian locals as a late night snack, this Malaysian-style burger can be readily found at food stalls all over the Kuala Lumpur. Depending on the stall owner, you can obtain up to 10 characters of Ramly burger offered. Hokkien Mee: A favourite lunch dish, Hokkien mee…

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