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Ratatouille in Pondicherry

Main people mainly interested in street foods – Pondicherry is the best place for who wants to completely undergo a place’s history within their culinary pleasures. Often, companies may shy apart from small food shop as they’re fearful of an unsettled tummy. Pondicherry is never trivial a city that relies on a large number of a small shop to provide to the empty set on the road. These are the list of famous food street in Bangalore. Pani Puri on Lal Bahadur Shastri Street All kind of people loves Pani Puri, the best place to eat Pani Puri is no surprise that Pondicherry too has its type of chaat. There are numbers of supporters jumping them into their mouths as if in sport; head here if you too want to engage.  Masala Puri on Lenin Street Another excellent chaat style Pondicherry preference has got to be the masala puri.  On…

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