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Atho Street Food In South India

Every city has its own speciality when it comes to street food. Our wide varieties of delicious, fast and affordable street food are known for providing drought bites. So if your entry has started sprinkling already, we would inspire you to breathe on your character shoots. Here are a few pleasant street stores from South India that you totally cannot say no to: Momos, the king of street food : Momos are the best street food in south India. Seasonal food, however, momos is essential to Nepal and Tibet. This roadside dish menu increases from small food stall to food centre, hotels, and malls. Steaming hot dumplings and Tangy fresh red sauce filled with veggies and chicken is something that we just cannot continue while attending after the stall on the way. ┬áIdli Sambhar: The most favourite and great south Indian dish. It is popular as a breakfast item and…

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