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Hot Dog- United States

In every travel experience, food is a really vital part. Eating food is not only simply eating food, but it’s also about knowing the country culture, history, and culture. The main thing in street food is cheap, stomach filling, traditional taste and the main thing is that utter deliciousness. From dubious-looking night market stalls and stainless steel pushcarts to kiosks and the backs of bicycles, you’ll frequently discover that the real regional cuisine is holding done by a local on the street rather than a big-name series or celebrity-helmed restaurant. 1.Masala Dosa in India: Southern India is the most favourite and combined with sambar and chutney. It’s quick, cheap, and high in carbohydrates. Ideal for all of the entrepreneurs on the go. 2. Assam Laksa in Malaysia: The origin of Assam Laksa is unclear with most characters considering it was built in China and refined in different countries as it…

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