Must try food outlets in Mumbai

Must try food outlets in Mumbai

Mumbai city is different from most cities in our country. Mumbai that has a little of everything and attracts many people from all corners of India. The food here is as diverse as the people, ranging from street food to fine cuisine to small snacks. For all those visiting this great city, here are some items you must try

1. Chicken Momos at Kepchaki Momos:

Mumbai doesn’t have such huge numbers of assortments of momos or momo merchants when contrasted with Delhi. In any case, what we need amount, we compensate for with quality and the legitimate Nepalese momos at Kepchaki’s slow down on Carter Road are a flavorful case of that. 

2. Butter Chicken Rolls at Khane Khas

We have discovered you a not really sweet spread chicken and it comes as rolls. Incredibly mainstream for it’s North Indian food, Khane Khas is the best spot for your spread chicken desires. 

3. Sizzlers at Kobe ’s, Girgaum

Right now, things are sensibly valued remembering the amount that welcomes you, Kobe’s hasn’t changed consistently, serving lip-smacking sizzlers with a similar extraordinary taste. Come here to include some flavor and shimmer into your mean for even the pastries are sizzling perfect works of art.

4.Punjabi food, Mini Punjab, Pali Hill, Bandra

Comfortable experience and a Fancy stylistic theme for the coffee shops, Mini Punjab produces mouth-watering delights from its oven. At the point when you dish go to your table it’s the longest hold up of your life since you won’t have the option to oppose diving in and savoring the succulent bits of meat and paneer in your mouth.

5.  Gujarati Thali at Shree Thaker Bhojanalay

Covered in a little path in Kalbadevi, Thaker serves a standout amongst other Gujarati thalis in Mumbai. Made utilizing the freshest fixings, it’s the very meaning of liberal. The aamras in summer and undhiyu in winter are only two regular specialities we love here.

6.Keralite food at Grace restaurant, Nerul

It is probably the best spot to have home styled broil specialities of Kerala, Grace serves food in various meats and zestiness in appam and curries. Having food here will never be lamented, they serve the absolute best Keralite non-veg food in Mumbai. 

7. Pani Puri at Elco

Popular for its chaat, this Bandra diner is humming at extremely inconvenient times. There’s almost continually pausing and in case you’re anxious, you can decide to wolf down their forte – Pani Puri – at one of the seats outside the eatery. Inside, you’re given a plate with the fiery and sweet pani, sprouts to use as stuffing and puris served independently, so you can fill your puri with the perfect mix you like. 

8. Chicken Pattice at PAC

The small shop run by the Parsi Amelioration Community at Grant Road’s Nana Chowk is loaded up with heavenly Parsi snacks, a large number of which are superbly rotisserie. One of our top choices is the Chicken Pattice that accompanies bits of chicken in a white sauce encased in a flaky, rich baked good.

9.Kosha Mangsho at Bhojohori Manna

This café offers real Bengali suppers that won’t beg to be spent. The Kosha Mangsho makes for a scrumptious soothing feast, best followed by their Nolen Gur (jaggery) frozen yogurt. 

10.Chicken Sandwich at Candies

What makes Candies so mainstream is its unassumingly valued get and go suppers. Their chicken sandwich is a work of art and comes slathered in their mark mayonnaise, which any individual who has ever experienced it will know is rich, sweet, marginally peppery and awfully liberal.