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Top 8 Healthy Street Food In Kerala You Must Have It

Kerala is a region where you will get real food of south India and also the products from other states and even international dishes with an Indian character. Kerala or any other south Indian state must rice in plenty and thus most of their requirements have something done of rice. For example the real Idli’s and Dosas and all composed of rice batter. Here, is the decision of top 8 street food.

Puttu and Kadala Curry:

Street Food In Kerala

Puttu and Kadal curry are most famous in Kerala. This is a considerably favourite breakfast thing and staple food of Kerala. These Kerala dishes are always served with yummy kadala curry which is primarily black channa but can be handled in whichever direction it good!

Appam with Stew:

Appam with Stew

Nobody, what you have it with, famous delicious appam will change that dish? flavour power behind hundred! But, it is frequently joined with a south Indian form stew where all kind of meat is covered in a rich, creamy coconut curry which will make you feel sad when it complete.



Idiyappam is actually made of rice flour, water and salt. Many borders of vermicelli are wrapped collectively to perform this story of appam. Also recognised as noolappam, this Kerala recipe can be paired with any curry including however taste incredible.



Snacks are the most preferred street food. It is usually sold in places where people crowd and cluster during evenings. Banana fritters and cutlets are the favourites of the youth while adults still buy Bonda and Neiyyapam.

Naadan Beef Fry:

Naadan Beef Fry

This delightful Kerala food recipe in a number of ways describes what Kerala is. The paralyzing feelings of this food will make it especially exciting to fall out of love with this place and with whatever it has to offer to its customers. The area is engulfed with many spices.

Malabar Parota:

Malabar Parota

This food originating from the Malabar region. It has a flaky, crispy and crumbly taste which melts in your mouth and passes back a sweet yet spicy taste.  This food is liked by all age group in all state peoples.

Palada Payasam:

Palada Payasam

This classic dessert served during the Onam or any other festival is a plain rice pudding or kheer, prepared in nearly all the households over Kerala. After all, any particular experience is inadequate without the traditional payasam!

Thalaserry Briyani:

Thalaserry Briyani

Briyani is the most famous dish in Thalaserry which is located near the Thalaserry.  This biryani is the unique blend of Kerala spices that gives authentic aroma taste. Every Briyani lover should try this Thalaserry Briyani.

One can endure all the excellent Kerala food at extremely affordable rates. From dining at a statement move to getting food items and taking the various foods of Kerala at home, the normal cost for two souls will frequently vary from INR 250/- to INR 1,000.

2ND December Street

Scrumptious Street Food In Dubai You Must Eat Before 40 Old

Street food has actually experienced a revival in the past few years, it’s all regarding food pushcarts, street food, kiosks – easy to carry and comfortable to eat light bites, pecks and hot meals. And every nation has its own story of street-side merchants dishing out good food. Here are 8 marvellous street food dishes, that you can get best here in Dubai.



Al Mallah is a famous spot for Shawarma lovers. The staff are friendly and the service is great. They also serve a mean falafel sandwich, if you need to try something unusual. They are best known for their varieties of chicken and chicken shawarmas that are accepted in the order of a sandwich, plate or a regular saj. The quality of the shawarma is absolutely out of this world!

Oman Chips Roll:

Oman Chips Roll

Oman Chips is a greatly popular and local chip found in the Arab that forms a strong part in everyone’s childhood. Everyone like the chip. Try this new delicious Oman chips when you visit Dubai. So, the hype around Oman chips remains as it was.

Shish Tawouk Sandwich:

Street Food In Dubai

This sandwich that is remarkably popular in Dubai and yet senses relatively forgotten by travellers. Stuffed with garlic and spices, the thinly cut chicken is pressed flat upon the flatbread and then worked with other vegetables or pickles. The flavour of this is absolutely out of this world! Whenever visit Dubai, Don’t miss this Sandwich!!

Chicken Tikka, in Ravi Restaurant:

Chicken Tikka

If you’re a nonveg lover, then you should visit the Ravi restaurant for its outstanding meat dishes originating from Peshwari mutton to chicken tikka, traditional biryani and much more stuff this place has to offer. Don’t forget to try out their daal fry as well.

2ND December Street:

2ND December Street

It is one of the best street food spots in Dubai. Here, you can experience a  more kind of food items including the likes of Pakistani, Indian, and Lebanese food. This place offers a lot of delicious food and desserts.

Al Karma :

Al Karma

Al Karma is yet another spot where you are going to be embraced with plenty of street food items that delightful and affordable at the same time. Nevertheless, the greatest thing regarding this place is the multicultural vibe that one goes here. This is the spot that you can do extraordinary purchasing as well forward with becoming famous street food in Dubai.

Ripe Market:

Ripe Market

This place is famous for may good foodie bits and it’s a complete place for connoisseurs Mac n cheese which you get at Melt Room. the best segment about the restaurant at this place is the cleanliness part which is exercised care of and this is their different selling point.

If you are in the mood to tantalize your taste buds, fall in love with Mumbai all over again, find your excuse to ditch that diet or are struggling to find what more does this city has on its menu- fellow foodie, you are at the right place! Dubai, the city of dreams. Many people come from far and wide into this land, in the search of love, acceptance, money, fame and what not. Every people need a solid taste of Dubai street food.


Having Street Food In Singapore With Relish Moment

If you become tired with the deluxe meal followed in the cafes and upscale restaurants and require to eat something different and town, hit the trails for the genuine street cuisine in Singapore! From Dim Sum to Oyster Omelette, Singapore holds many culinary choices that will catch your palate germs on a wild adventure. So visitors require any tantalising suggestions to extend the journey with the same vibe.

Katong laksa :


Unique to Singapore, Katong laksa is a noodle soup highlighting an aromatic, coconut-based brew which can be destroyed just with a spoon. Short rice noodles, blood cockles, fishcake, a dollop of sambal (chilli sauce) and finely sliced laksa leaf immerse in a creamy soup. It’s a delicious, comforting dish and surely one to run down when you’re in Singapore.

Roti prata :

Street Food In Singapore

You can’t hit fresh crispy roti dipped in creamy dal or a tasty curry sauce for breakfast. This Indian flatbread prepared from wheat flour, ghee and water is an easy yet wicked breakfast. Following the cooks make the roti has shared the entertainment. The dough is hit on a well oiled stainless steel bench until it’s nearly translucent before being cooked on a hot plate. Flaky, buttery and oh so delightful.

Dim Sum :

Dim Sum

Dim Sum is a Hong Kong exciting cuisine. It is a lot of tiny plates to be endured in a group – a standard Chinese dining tipping customs. It now gets its place amongst one of the various primary courses in the streets of Singapore, as well as several South East Asian regions. Several establishments assist dim sums in the morning till mid-afternoon and provide best tummy satisfaction for each dollar paid.

Crabs :


There are couple ways of preparing seafood crab in Singapore with a spicy tomato-ish chilli sauce or with black pepper sauce to eat an amazing taste the crabs are first heated quickly fried so that the chicken doesn’t attach to the shell. Chilli crabs are accompanied with grilled buns which are located in the talising. Many new powerful methods have also been tasted like crab bee Hoon and egg crabs.

Mee Rebus :

Mee Rebus

Mee Rebus is done with yellow egg noodles just same the Hokkien Prawn Mee with a brown, peanut gravy. In beginning today, the street agent would sell it by doing a pole with a box swinging at every turn, one basket would continue area and hot boiling water while the others included ingredients. The gravy of Mee Rebus is very deep and is made from groundnuts, drained shrimp and curry powder.

Rojak :


Rojak is a mix of pineapple, cucumber, dough friedcakes and roasted groundnuts. The mix is then stirred with a fermented with prawn pasta sauce and chilly is added if needed for. There is also an Indian story of Rojak. In the Indian version, Red gravy is made with potato, spices and rolled with groundnut seasoning.

Durian :


Durian is considered by the name ‘King of Fruits’ and is also the national fruit of Singapore. The areas treasure the flesh too much that they become the practice into every cookie imaginable like tarts, cakes and also shakes. Decisions of taste also come in durian, that is whether it can be bitter or sweet pulp.

Chicken Rice :

Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice is one of the commonly eaten and dedicated dishes, a must-have amongst the street food in Singapore. All coffee stall has a Chicken Rice Stall attached to it. The entire chicken is marinated in chicken broth and pork to incorporate the tastes. There are many changes to chicken rice including the roasted chicken recognised as the black chicken and the white chicken as great.

From sweet to sour, this list includes all the common street food in Singapore, chosen by the visitants as well as the locals. It is not an exhaustive directory and just includes the delightful meals caused by all ethnicities of Singapore, be it Malaysian, Indian, Chinese or Singaporean itself. Several of the recipes were created during times of war and poverty,  built with whatever component was prepared at that time.

Massaman Gai

Distinguish Street Food In Bangkok Must Taste It

Bangkok is a street food paradise. And you don’t do Thailand immediately if you haven’t picked from a street merchant or sit on a street-side to eat once. Thai street food merchants can accept appropriate courses or everything, just like an establishment that rises up on a street side. There are various important street food zones in Bangkok. Here, we’ll talk regarding snacks that are regularly found served by street vendors. They’re accessible everywhere the country. So, next time you view them on a street, be strong and transmit them a try!

Lek Seafood :

lek-seafoodLek Seafood in Silom works… great seafood! Try their’ Tom Klong Goong’, a good variety of Tom Yam, or ‘Pla Nueng Manao’, a great fish poached and worked in a refreshing lime sauce. Their deep fried fish also gets very justified. Great cases as well.

Khanom Wan Thai :

khanom-pang-wanMany Thai sweets use coconut or banana as a field and are a lot less sweet than Western sweet, but they are so pretty that it’s difficult to maintain seeking them all. preferences include Khanom Thom which has an irrational centre and are spread in shredded coconut. Go to Chinatown to find both Khanom Thom and different favourite, Luk Chup; made from sweetened mung beans that feel nothingness like the small pieces of fruits they favour.

Deep Fried Catfish :

Deep Fried CatfishConfirming the opinion that greatest everything tastes greater deep fried, this catfish dish is super charming and charged of characteristic and connects the crunchiness of spiced mix with gentle flaked fish. It’s a favourite food from the Isaan area of Thailand. Head down the rear alleys near the current to find this pursuit.

Toy Noodles:

Toy NoodlesSupposedly, Guay Teow or beef noodle soup all began throughout the Victory building and finding by the number of establishments working this dish, it is reasonably true. One little shop by the water demands to be the first ship noodle in Bangkok but we prefer ‘Toy Noodle Soup’, the store on the different view of the canal is also recommended.

Gai Tod :

Gai-TodGrilled chick may not be uniquely Thai food, but it’s cheap in Thailand. Gai tod is typically made by marinating chicken parts or drumsticks in a blend of seasonings and rice stiffness before deep cooking the perfect blend.

Massaman Gai :

Massaman GaiIt’s no secret that there are a gathering of charming Thai curries, but Massaman is particularly significant because it offers noticeably Persian habits. Alike most curries, it’s made with coconut milk, adjacent with chicken and potatoes which perform the most of the meal.

Chinatown :

Street Food In BangkokConsidered to be one of the several famous traveller performances of Bangkok, this port of Thailand street board is stuffed to the rim each and every time with food enthusiasts from all across the world. Starring food stall and streetside establishments on all views, street food displays at Chinatown are views not to be required at all!

Bang Rak :

Bang RakEstablished in the heart of Bangkok, Bang Rak changes into an epic open-air food roadstead in no event as the sun goes down. Seeing just like a hawkers market, having the best of Thailand street meat at Bang Rak is similar serving a food festival every day!

If you are in the mood to tantalize your taste buds, fall in love with Mumbai all over again, find your excuse to leave that diet or are grappling to find what further does this city has on its menu- fellow foodie, you are at the best place!

Mouthwatering Street Food In Thailand You Should Enjoy

The street food and a sit-down feed are frequently considerably fine in Thailand. You’ll find lots of essential stalls where you can grasp a meal to go, while others set up single plastic tables and seats for diners. Thai food culture is lively, communal, and rewards those who are willing to take risks with different foods. Watch out for those wonderful meals when you’re surveying the country’s evening markets and places.

Pad See Eiw:

Pad See Eiw

Pad See Eiw is the entirety of the popular dishes which is being discussed on all the Bangkok cuisine completion. Great blend with meat and curry, Pad See Eiw is really a noodle container which is under fried and is much common in all the Thailand street foods and more all the establishments.

Som Tam:

Som Tam

Som Tam is one of the several recommended programs in Thailand and views in a kind of grappling styles. The components are joined collectively applying mortar and grinder, which combines the characters beautifully.

Kai Jeow:

Kai Jeow

Thailand street food has such famous names that it has the skill of preparing an omelette quality so yummy. Made with just and herbs, fish sauce, Kai Jeow is a Thai-style omelette which can be consumed anytime, and everywhere in anyplace!!

Sai Ooah:

Sai Ooah

Hailing essentially from the northern region of Burma, Sai Ooah or Sai-Ua is a grilled sausage plate which is typically based on pork. Pork effects largest of the Thailand street food in Bangkok and Sai Ooah is really an anomaly.



Prepared to be completed either as a lighted or as a portion of the foremost way, Satay is best enjoyed in the order of Thai street food. Worked hot with the quality of hot sauces, Satay is a kind of grilled food which is essentially completed with groundnut seasoning in Thailand.

Moo Ping:

Moo Ping

Also known as Mu Ping, this cooked pork recipe is extraordinary and enjoyed with the spicy Nam Jim jeaw sauce. One of the best Thailand road food dishes which feels good when grilled with garlic and pepper, this mild recipe can be made with any marinades that the passenger needs to.

Gai Tod:


Grilled chick may not be uniquely Thai food, but it ’s cheap in Thailand. Gai tod is typically made by marinating chicken parts or drumsticks in a blend of seasonings and rice stiffness before deep cooking the perfect blend.

Massaman Gai:


It’s no secret that there are a gathering of charming Thai curries, but Massaman is particularly significant because it offers noticeably Persian habits. Alike most curries, it’s made with coconut milk, adjacent with chicken and potatoes which perform the most of the meal.



Considered to be one of the several famous traveller performances of Bangkok, this port of Thailand street board is stuffed to the rim each and every time with food enthusiasts from all across the world. Starring food stall and streetside establishments on all views, street food displays at Chinatown are views not to be required at all!

Bang Rak:

Bang Rak

Established in the heart of Bangkok, Bang Rak changes into an epic open-air food roadstead in no event as the sun goes down. Seeing just like a hawkers market, having the best of Thailand street meat at Bang Rak is similar serving a food festival every day.

If you are in the mood to tantalize your taste buds, fall in love with Mumbai all over again, find your excuse to leave that diet or are grappling to find what further does this city has on its menu- fellow foodie, you are at the best place!

Delish Street Food In Goa You Must Enjoy With Awesome Climate

Indian streets are extremely famous for its inexpensive and appetising street food. Every Indian city has its individual specialisation that the bounded people are frenzied about. More like Mumbai, also Goa has a fashion for the Chatpata Vada Pav. But, what gets over the Goa roads at night are the various Cutlet bread and Ras Omelette stalls which are for certain the first option between Goans when it happens to Street Food in Goa. Here are a several of Goa’s most popular and accomplished Street Food Places that might just execute you drool.

Chorizo Pav :


Choris is a great delight in Goa. Locals experience it as a breakfast thing or even as a tea-time snack. Had with bread, this seasoned pork meat product is produced using pre-cooked sausage, onions and seldom potatoes. In Goa, particularly on the main road, you will see lots of people on cycles following choris pav as first as 7 am in the time.

Fish Thali :

Street Food In Goa

Whether it is at a restaurant, a beach shack or small intersection restaurant, fish thali is a dish that every visitor has to venture in Goa. The thali comes with a portion of rice, chapatis, fish curry, a vegetable dish, fried fish and pickle. Any areas also offer sol curry with the meal. A whole meal, a fish thali is delightful and gratifying if you like seafood.

Ras Omelette :

Ros omelette

Omelette Pav is so prevalent in Goa. What’s also more famous, though, is Ras Omelette, which is a healthy omelette served with each chicken curry. You can have this at Ravi Ras Omelette in Panjim, at a really sensible price. A delightful dish, you’re forced to go after for further.

Mapusa Friday Market – the best of street food in Goa :

Mapusa Friday

The Friday Market in Mapusa is absolutely the biggest to spot street food in North Goa. The weekly replacement allows the perfect place to buy household items, grocery, pottery, clothes, and handicrafts. But the fish market in and during the market space is the highlight of Goa food.

Panaji Market :

Panaji Market

Panjim market is the modern haven for everyone looking to enjoy the best of local Goa food. From the seasoning replacements to limited shops with creations and artifacts, the Panaji market has the lot to offer. But the highlight of Goan ingredients here is dried fish and a variety of seafood delights. Tandoori pieces can also be splattered at irregular food stalls forward the street near Caculo Mall. Start when it’s gloom and wait there till late night, Panjim is the spot to relish a broad variety of Goan ingredients.

Missal Pav :

Missal Pav

Spicy, flavorful and nutritious, missal pav is the highest preference when it happens to street food in Goa. Although it is executed differently here than in Maharashtra, you won’t be dissatisfied with the discrimination. Missal is regularly eaten as a tea-time snack or for brunch.

Rice Poori :

Rice Poori

Ignore the fabulous wheat pooris, Goa has its individual characteristics. If you always hit the place, you will notice that rice pooris are one of the closest place food in Goa. The unique something regarding these pooris is that they are crispier from the outside and lighter from within.

Goan Nevri :

Goan Nevri

If you love Nevri, you will like to be in Goa. The city has its individual characteristics when it happens to this dish. This is the idea why Goan Nevri is one of the several street foods in Goa. This particular is processed and sold along with all the important food joints, with the foremost centre being on entertainments like Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi.

Rava Fried Fish :

Rava Fried Fish

Goan Rava Fried Fish is filled with extrinsic Indian spices like ginger, garlic, turmeric and red chillies. Plus, the process it is fried till golden or light brown does it crispy and mouthwatering. Hence, do attend any of the food portions near the seashore for a ravishing of Goan Rava fried fish.

Goa welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, from businessmen to students to tourists. Goa has plenty of attractions and is a great place to shop, but the underrated aspect of the trip is the food. Goa offers a plethora of options for food.


Savoury Street Food In Hyderabad With Full Of Taste

Famously known as ‘the City of Pearls’ Hyderabad is chosen by thousands of visitant periodically who want to get a look of the popular Charminar and further exploring the greatly reputed Hyderabadi Biryani! Nevertheless, Hyderabad is not all concerning Biryani’s as it is more house to any of the great street food and street food divisions in the nation; some of which are so refreshing and good that you will really not be ready to get lots of it!!

Hyderabadi Biryani:


What could be greater than the world-famous Hyderabadi Biryani to begin the list of the various important Hyderabad street food items! This is one of the several important Hyderabad street food which can be observed in nearly every edge of the city. It is a delightful and yummy important central area given of rice and is followed with the excellent combination of seasonings and flavouring which is difficult to ignore.



With a crispy covering, Garijalu also called Kajjikaya has a delicious layer consisting of dry grated coconut, sugar and hints of cardamom. It is deep-fried and its state as you can see matches Karanji; a sweet dish of Maharashtra. The crispy crust is made of maida and operated out into circles, which is then closed after the mixture is filled and the shape matches a half moon. Although the source of Garijalu is not recognised and has been distributed among various states of India, the people of Telangana have been experiencing obtaining these for ages over the years.

Hyderabadi Haleem:


Hyderabad Haleem is street food in Hyderabad which is located in a plethora of fields, particular one holding greater than the another. Being immensely attractive since the Nizam rule when it was first started in the city, this is an Arabic dish which boasts of fabulous seasonings thereby providing it with a local touch.

Boti Kebab:

Boti Kebab

These delicious and significant kebabs are just what you require to turn a bad day into a vast one. These kebabs are deeply marinated lamb pieces which are completed on rules and are a must-try for any meat lover.


Street Food in Hyderabad

Ultra-thin smoothed Indian bread with a filling made of jaggery, channa dal, cardamom powder and ghee, Pololu is a go-to method for unique festivals like Ganesh Chathurthi. It is generally observed in sweet shops in sealed plastic containers and can be quickly performed at home.


PhirniThis is one of the various fabulous street foods in the city and is worked in some of the largest street food places in Hyderabad. Made especially during the Ramadan holiday, Phirni is also reasonable during the year and is a must-try masterpiece here. It is made up of rice, milk and sugar and is a precious treat for your taste buds. It is both preserved and operated in small clay pots delivering it a separate earthen flavour collectively. We assure you, you won’t be able to stay at just one!

Ice Cream:


Nothing but mere a small shack from the outside, with ice creams that’d yield Baskin Robbins and another fancy name a run for their money. Great for its annual fruit ice creams like mango, watermelon, figs and lots more. It’s the unique ice creams position you’d ever need to visit this summer.

Hyderabadi Chicken 65:

Chicken 65The only words that appear to my mind when I study of this excellent appetiser. This tasty deep deep-fried starter decorated with coriander leaves, and onion is the greatest way to begin your 3-course feast.

Keema Samosa:

Samosas are one evening snack that makes any Indian crazy! But the Keema Samosas of Hyderabad will perform you run wild! This yummy monsoon delicacy is normally arranged with spicy masala and minced meat and is a must-have snack for any samosa lover!

 Iranian Chai & Biscuits:

BiscuitsYou are never more far from any Irani tea and crisp biscuits in Hyderabad. These biscuits can be called Indian treats and are bit salty and rich in taste. It’s perfect as a mid-day snack when you are not in the spirit for a whole meal. The best of Iranian chai and bread rolls can be had on the busy lanes of the Charminar market.

Hyderabad does have its part of upscale and expensive restaurants, but it is in the place food in Hyderabad that the real life of Hyderabad can be endured, at remarkably low prices. The way of life of Hyderabad is really revealed in its street food. From dinners fit for Nizams to a tart chaat to be appreciated by the whole gang, street food in Hyderabad is a one-stop shop for each food enthusiast from all throughout India.



Top 10 Tasteful street Food In Delhi Should Visit And Enjoy The Food

The ancient city, Delhi is a foodies’ heaven. From way food to global foods, Delhi, or as we affectionately call ‘Dilli’, can leave your mind in every area. You can undergo standard (read boring and bland) wine and dine or you can just let your mojo rule and swallow the mouth-watering punch of street cuisine in Delhi.

The absolute difference of food in the city will give you in gastronomical heaven. The unique way you can probably undergo this is by staying out the street food in Delhi.



A favourite sugary surprise, sweet jalebis are made out of deep-fried batter soaked in syrup. What’s even more kind is that the ones at Old Famous Jalebi Wala are deep-fried in pure desi ghee. They’re higher than normal and have been provided according to the equivalent particular family method for the past century.



With a variety that is unmatched, dining on the streets of Delhi is a crash area in the past and history of the place. Chandni Chowk is unquestionably the Street Food Capital of Delhi, and while no guidebook can really pinpoint the best places for Chaat, there are some survival food rendezvous that truly stand out. Of course, if you aren’t ready to go that far, fret not for there are lots of choices for street food in Delhi.

Moolchand Parathewala:


Unless called as Paratha which is the staple food of many countries is also a popular unleavened flatbread in the Indian subcontinent. Paranthe in Delhi is an all-time lunch that’s eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even evening tea time. There are great shops also a way that fails Paranthe in Delhi. You need sleuth abilities to spot this one. Nights of boozing and partying have given Delhiites in research of centre and butter stuffed parathas here.

Chole Bhature:

Chole Bhature

The first place that occurs to our thoughts after getting beyond the raised dish is Delhi. Delhi is the proper position to get a taste from. Reasonably, the best road food in Delhi. this recipe is recognised for its fuzzy Bhature and a delicious Chole. There is a particular chutney that these merchants lead to give which gives it even healthy.



While in Delhi; how one can miss out to decide the unusual Panipuri or Golgappe? With distinct forms, this dish is enjoyed by around all the guides and the locals. You can go for packed Panipuri, various water flavours, an extraordinary part of papdi immersed in curd and chutney to give any additional limitation to your taste.



No matter at which shop you try rolls in Delhi, it will give you a lifetime adventure. Each vendor decides its individual filling ingredients which permit the patrons to get several suggestions. You can go for Paneer Rolls, Chicken Rolls Mix Veg Rolls, Manchurian Rolls and so forth.



Kulfi is something which makes a certain reply from everyone going out to have a grand dessert. The taste and flavour collectively give way for this good food offering caramelized milk and finely crushed granules of dry fruits.

Ram Ladoo:

Ram Ladoo

Ram Ladoo is essentially fried small pakoras filled with potato or dal that is adequate to make any game a happening one. The crispiness of these fried balls with the flavour of chutney is all that you want for an extraordinary getaway.



With over 25 different kinds of Kebabs ordering the Delhi street foods, this dish will provide you with the excellent suggestion of the Mughal era. It holds Kakori Kebab, Shami Kebab, Galouti Kebab and much more.

Street Burger:


You force have hit Mc Donalds and other marked affairs for a burger, but the flavour you will perceive at a road corner in Delhi is unmatchable. Fastened with well-fried tikkis, these buns are especially mouthwatering.

Delhi is a city brimming with history and variety and it is certainly a foodie’s heaven. While there are several more areas that can satisfy your taste, these are the ones from the list of Delhi street food connections, that you must NOT miss!!


Awesome street food in India you must consume

Our India is the land of diverse cultures and traditions and known for its multiplicity. Different type of cultures, languages, religions and natural landscapes, Indian food is also one thing that diversifies India brilliantly. Variety cuisines of India make our country stand apart from others. Local Street food of India is the most tempting part of the culinary delights of the country.  Foods are sold in public areas like markets or stalls, street foods are mostly ready to eat food. This food is found at a very small price and is really delicious in taste. Every city of India has its own speciality of all time much-desired snacks that our favourite of all. You can explore major street foods of India offered by different cities.

Vada Pao, Mumbai :


It is the Indian version of a burger and the most popular roadside food loved by people of Maharashtra. It is the favourite and ultimate staple food product, which is made with a fried potato dumpling called batata vada in the middle of a bun – Pav. Condiments like chutneys and fried green chillies are added for better taste. Vada Pav well-known snack food of Maharashtra and some other names in this list are Misal Pav, Pav Bhaji, and Kande Pohe.

Kathi Roll, Kolkata :


Kathi Roll is one of the most popular street foods of Kolkata, which is very much loved by all. A variety of rolls are available in the city. These Kathi Rolls are basically crispy lachha paratha, which is stuffed with various delights like cheese, eggs, mashed potatoes, chicken, meat and vegetables. You will definitely this delicacy.

Tikki Tiki-Bangalore :


The perplex name itself indicates that this chat stall situated in Koramangala is a unique one serving lovely chats and other food. The shop name comes from the delicious and special food Tikki poori served here which is one of the best street food in Bangalore. If you want a quick bite then stop here and I am sure this taste is going to make you addicted to the yummy food served here. The best ones to eat are the chocolate Tikki, mudpie Tikki, masala Tikki, and paneer Tikki.

Tikki-Chole, Lucknow :


Tikki Aloo with chole is going to bring water in your mouth for its lip-smacking taste and amazing texture. It is served at most of the road-side stalls in Lucknow. This food is most mouth-watering delicacies of Uttar Pradesh. Tikki Chole is prepared by mashed potatoes and served with boiled pea accompanying various spices. Famous street foods of Uttar Pradesh are Bhel Puri, Sev Puri and Dahi Puri.

Idli Sambhar, Chennai :

Idli Sambhar

Idli Sambar is most preferred South Indian dish, which is light and delicious in taste. It is mainly served as a breakfast item and along with peanut or coconut chutney. In Tamil Nadu, you can see many stalls selling Idli-Sambhar that tastes really good. Vada Sambhar, Dosa and Upma are some other street foods of Chennai.

Kari Dosai, Madurai :

Kari Dosai

This three-layered dosa is quite popular in Madurai. It consists of the base layer of plain dosa, the middle layer of an egg omelette, and the top layer of minced meat. It is a typical dish of the cow herder community, also known as Konars. It has to be eaten with sambar and chutneys.

Kola Urundai, Madurai :


This awesome meat dish is a culinary highlight of Madurai. Grinded mutton balls are prepared by mixing them with various spices, and deep frying them in oil. This makes them crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside.

Chicken and Pork Momos, Mussorie :

Chicken and Pork

The Tibetan community in Mussoorie brought with them momos. The mouth-watering steam dumplings filled with chicken or pork, this dish is savoured with a red spicy sauce. Food Stalls near the Tibetan Market serve and make the best momos in Mussoorie. Vegetarian options are available, too.

Kozhi Urundai, Coimbatore :


A local term used for chicken meatballs, Kozhi Urundai is a much-loved non-vegetarian dish in Coimbatore. Not found commonly on the street, you are more likely to find these in local restaurants. In terms of taste, Kozhi Urundai can be described as hot and spicy. The dish is perfect for the colder season (November to January). Kozhi Urundai is best eaten for lunch or dinner.

Saoji, Nagpur :


Spicy and hot, this dish is a must try for every non-vegetarian visiting Nagpur. Native to the land, this dish is prepared using trotters and a spicy masala. Some restaurants serve Saoji with chicken and vegetables, so if you don’t like trotters, you can choose either of them. Saoji is a signature cuisine of Nagpur, so you have to try a dish made in Saoji cuisine when visiting.

Thalipeeth, Nashik :


If you love authentic Maharashtrian cuisine or want to sample it for the first time on your trip to Nashik, Heramb is the right place for you to do so. Eat the Thalipeeth or Modaks of Maharashtra and be pleasantly surprised by the moderate bills. This clean and hygienic restaurant could well become a habit for you, given the scrumptious food and genuine hospitality you get here.

Noolputtu, Coorg :


If you are in the most beautiful location in southern India, Coorg, and you are looking for a unique breakfast; this dish can serve your purpose. The structure and appearance are what makes this dish a must to try street food in Coorg.

Fish Molee, Kerala :


Made with most locally available fresh, seasonal fish, molee is a coconut-based Kerala fish curry unlike the better know and spicy Kerala meen fish curry. With influences, some say, from Sri Lanka and even Malaysia, Kerala Fish Molee is actually quite unique. Moderately spicy, the gravy is made first and fried pieces of fish added to it later. Served with rice or appam, the curry is so delicious you may just have it plain.

Haleem, Bangalore :


This best version of Haleem that we have ever tasted. This version has incredible flavours and spices which are used just right to enhance those flavours of the dish. Hiking out to Bangalore and enjoying the variety of dishes during Ramadan is one of our favourite things to do. Indulging on  Haleem is on top of the list whenever we get a chance to head on down there.

India welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, from businessmen to students to tourists. Every city has plenty of attractions and is a great place to shop, but the underrated aspect of the trip is the food. All city offers a plethora of options for food.

Beach Shop

Yummy Might night street food In Chennai

If you relate Chennai only with Idli and Dosa then it is high time that you revise your knowledge.  Chennai, which is one of the top food destinations for many people, has a lot more dishes to offer than the ones which are typically associated with the place.

The rich culture of the place clearly reflects on their food plate as well with a number of varieties to try from. It was featured in the second spot in National Geographic’s list of“Top 10 Food Cities” from around the globe. If you’re a foodie, you cannot give this city a miss. Night time street food areas are Mylapore, Saidapet, Marina, ECR, Teynampet, T.Nagar.  

Idli :

midnight idli

This is one of the most common street foods that one can find in Chennai. It can be found at almost all the street corners of Chennai. It tastes best when served with sambar or coconut chutney. This light snack is easy to make and easy to eat and thus tops the list of street food variety in Chennai. There are many variations that you can find in Idli as it can be fixed with a number of ingredients when making it. When in Chennai, don’t miss Idli for anything.

Chaat :

Chatt Item

This North Indian snack is very famous and popular amongst the locals of Chennai. It can be found at every street corner and everyone serves different flavors than the others. It is a mixture of a number of ingredients mixed with many spices. Of course, you can make this as much spicier as you can. The variety of chaats here are extremely well-balanced and every variety is different from the other. We would suggest you try all the varieties and get the best flavors.

Uttapam :


This South Indian snack is a big hit amongst the locals of Chennai. This dish is a mixture of many vegetables and makes a delicious snack that is loved by the locals and the tourists that visit the place.

The different variety of vegetables gives this dish a mix of different flavors.Uttapam is a lot thicker than Dosa but is served with chutney and sambar as most of the dishes of Chennai are. You may choose from the different varieties available in this dish according to your taste and likings.

Kuzhi Paniyaram :


This dish may look like Idli but is a lot different in terms of taste. It can be eaten as a sweet or as a savory. Black lentils and rice are the two main ingredients that are used for preparing this dish.

Bothsweet and spicy flavors of the dish are loved by the locals and you can find this street food available on every corner of the street. We would recommend trying both the flavors of the dish as both contain a different enjoyment.

Kothu Parotta :


This is one of those dishes in Chennai that you can either try in some fancy restaurants or can be tried on the streets of Chennai. However, this dish available in the restaurant makes a great taste but the taste of this dish available on the street is something else.

It is made by mixing anumber of vegetables with shredded potatoes along with different spices. However, besides mixing vegetables, one can mix meat or eggs in the potatoes as well.

Kings Vada pav :

Vada pav

For a taste of Mumbai right here in Chennai, go down to Kings Vadapav in Purasawalkam and try this burger from Bombay; you will not be disappointed. Located within a bustling shopping area of Chennai, Kings Vadapav is small on price but huge on taste. With a number of combinations as well as a proper chat counter, this little roadside kiosk is a boon to hungry shoppers.

R.K. Sandwich Shop :


As the name suggests the shops sells sandwiches; as averagely tempting as this may sound, R.K. Sandwich Shop is not your typical roadside sandwich wala. A wide variety of this favorite snack can be had here with delicious combinations of fillings making the perfect quick bite on the go. Also, a counter selling chilled pani puri as well as other chats will be sure to tempt you here.

Hemanth Chats :


If you happen to be in Chennai, then take a walk around and discover the numerous stalls and carts on every corner serving a variety of local treats. If you want some great chat, especially pani puri, stop off at Hemanth Chats in Vepery shop for a quick fix. A value for money and light option, the stall opens late afternoon but gets pretty busy towards the evenings.

Rajdhani :


Best known for its excessive Thali and indiscriminate use of pure desi ghee, Rajdhani is an institution that has stood the test of time and is now the last word in most cities for this Indian style buffet. A traditional and pure vegetarian restaurant, the mouth-watering delicacies will leave you completely satiated. Dozens of dishes served to you on a huge steel plate with little bowls, the variety in this one meal is unreal and excruciatingly delicious.

MoonLight :


It is the most favorite option for those who have less money but very hungry. There is no extra charge for serving late at night, Moonlight staffs make sure you have good food. Evening time biryani is famous in this restaurant.

 Sundari Akka Kadai- Marina Beach :

Beach Shop

This tiny shop in Marina Beach is very much famous for seafood. This shop opens at 12.00pm and closes at 8.00pm. With cheap money. you can get mouth-watering food. There is a lot of people standing outside the shop. Don’t miss to visit this shop when you are in Marina.

Food Out- Thiruvanmiyur :

Food Out

People living in not so happening areas in Chennai doesn’t have to worry because midnight outlets are covered all over the city. Food out has some yummy stuff waiting for you all. This shop is open till 6 am.



It is the another best place that you have to have heard of at least once in your life, especially if you live in Chennai. Here, they serve some of the best South Indian food late at night and you would want nothing else if you can stuff your face with dosas and Vadas.



These guys have been around for years, with a few changes and make-over, but things haven’t changed besides the facade. Here, they specialize in Chettinad food, but they’ve also got quite a few North Indian options to choose from.

Food Souk :

Food Souk

Food Souk in Nungambakkam is a takeaway and delivery restaurant that does not have a seating facility. This is the place you’ve to beat if you have midnight cravings as it serves cuisines of South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, and Arabian.  The recommended dishes here are Chicken Rara, Crispy Chicken, Chicken Biryani, Tandoori Wings, Mahesh Chicken, Crispy Prawns, and Butter Fried Prawns. Food Souk is a must go to place for all Non-Vegetarian foodies. It opens from 12.00 Noon to 5.00 Am.

Chennai city is the place of origin of the “Chicken 65” dish, is a top food destination. It has a lot more to offer than just idli and dosa. Its rich and vibrant culture is reflective of its varied food palate. The capital of Tamil Nadu has a wide array of street foods. If you are a foodie and are looking for some of the best street food in Chennai, above-mentioned food is some of the things that might excite you.