Top 10 Toothy Street Food In Agra Must Visit With Friends

Top 10 Toothy Street Food In Agra Must Visit With Friends

Agra is not only famous for Taj Mahal. It is also famous for its street food. Explore the historic, architectural, cultural place with the yummy food. Apart from maintaining the mainstream eateries, let’s go the ideas where we feel the big place food in Agra. The regional specialities made and accepted on the stalls in those clogged passages feel the best.


Street Food In Agra

Paranthas are the characteristic practice of the Mughlai and simply go to Agra. If you believe Delhi is the best place for street food then include them here in Agra, as it is the newest point to understand them. Packed with yummy paneer, cauliflower, potato or carrot, they are worked with luscious curd, vegetable chews and tangy responsibilities.

Chicken Rice:

Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice is one of the commonly eaten and dedicated dishes, a must-have amongst the street food in Singapore. All coffee stall has a Chicken Rice Stall attached to it. The entire chicken is marinated in chicken broth and pork to incorporate the tastes.



Aloo Tikki is known as Bhalla in North India and most famous in Agra. It is a meal of cooked and mashed potatoes blended with different Indian spices, chickpea curry and is followed hot including chutney. It uses the appearance of depressed balls. Agra seems breathtaking in the night with the sun glistening off the Taj. The Bhalla is famous in Agra street food, without this Agra is incomplete. It is a preference amongst the locals and is supposed popular street food in Agra.

Tandoori Chicken:


Presently as Hyderabad is renowned for its Biryani, West Bengal for its Rasogolla identical way Agra is usually recognised for its Tandoori Chicken. Worked with fresh mint chutney this delicious chicken would definitely make you think greedy concerning it.



From the kids to elders, everyone like warm and crispy Jalebi. This worked cake is worked great when hot and makes your mouth water as immediately as you savour the first taste. You will know the shortest and most good Jalebis in Agra at a particular place. That syrup is manufactured from fermented mash type liquid sugar. It is a viscous dark and hence it is most famous for all type of people with a clear tooth.



You get shawarma in regarding all city now, but Agra has the entertainment to attempt. Coated with white mint and green sauce above the chicken stuffed roll would surely satisfy your appeal for more. Its compact mayonnaise coat would surely take out the kid inside you and do you touch all modern piece of it away from your fingers. Having shawarma in Agra is an event worth reviving.

Paneer Tikka:

Paneer Tikka

It is a good dish as it is served using coal and produces introduce any bad elements. It works as a great and is delicious in taste. The yummy paneer tikka is coated with green chutney. That whole dish looks great and mouthwatering.



Bedai is a vast breakfast part of Agra and some parts of north India. Bedai is exhaustion but many people call that is Kachori. They served with hot with spicy potato gravy and is most favourite for all the peoples because of its sweet and tangy taste. Pure curd is served with Bedai in various parts of Agra.



Without having petha then your whole Agra trip is incomplete. They serve Petha in many forms of variety right from Paan to Kesar and if you aren’t mouthwatering enough for you, then you can always try its other variants. Petha juice is especially beneficial, as it is 100% alkaline.

Devarim Halwai:

Devarim Halwai

Every morning, crowds gather at Deviram Halwai for the staple breakfast of Bedai and Jalebis. Bedai is a fried bread served with a spicy sabzi and healthy serving of curd. Tasty, filling and cheap.

Enjoy the beauty of the Taj Mahal with the delicious street food. It is best as one of the favourite street food serving spots in the country. Agra is very populated, yet it witnesses foodies coming from all over the country to quench their insatiable appetite.