Appetizing street food in Bangalore you must taste

Appetizing street food in Bangalore you must taste

Bangalore is a paradise for foodies with numerous restaurants and eateries scattered all over the city. The main thing is bangalored has no shortage of is places where you get some of the best street food you will ever taste. Most of the places are always crowded and for good reason too.  Try to visit these places by bike and not by car so that you spend you’re time eating food rather than driving in traffic or struggling for parking. If you don’t have a bike, you can rent a bike at affordable rates from WheelStreet and go eat to your heart’s content at these 8 best places in Bangalore to get some delectable street food.

V V Puram Food Street :

V V Puram Food

VV Puram food street is amongst the most frequented places in Bengaluru to satisfy your taste buds on a shoestring budget. It generally gets lit up during the evening when over 20 food stalls, spread out over a narrow 300 feet stretch, start serving a mind-boggling variety of south Indian, north Indian and Chinese delicacies.

The epitome VB Bakery situated at the beginning of the street is famous for its cream puff, cakes, and biscuits. In this place, you can feast on a variety of idlis, vadas and dosas. I would personally recommend trying thatte idli, Bisi Bisi masala dosa, and the bhaat masala dosa.

Dadar Vada Pav, Indiranagar :

Vada Pav

Dadar Vada Pav is more similar to Mumbai vada pav. If you missed Mumbai vada pav then head straight to Indira Nagar without a thought in Indiranagar. Here, they serve some of the most lip-smacking Vada Pav’s in the city in various flavors. They also provide a wide range of Pav Bhaji and Tawa Pulao.

Mosque Road :

Mosque Road

The delicious aromas from Mosque Road beckon non-vegetarians from across Bangalore, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Small shops along the footpaths offer biriyanis, sheekh kebabs, haleem and so on, at affordable prices. The evening is the correct time to visit.

Shivaji Nagar :

Shivaji Nagar

Shivaji Nagar in Bangalore is the ultimate place for non-veg foodies. Shops are lined end-to-end with stalls that are selling a variety of meat (no pork) cooked in every possible manner. From mutton and beef kebabs to chicken samosas, from Caramel Custard to the best Suleimani Tea, you can find everything your stomach desires in this area. Do try out the Idiyappam and beef kebab which is a specialty of this foodie paradise.

Spicy Corner – Jeevanabheema Nagar :

Spicy Corner

Jeevanabheema Nagar food stall serves some of the best spicy street food in Bangalore. Spicy Corner has only vegetarian dishes but is always crowded, especially with students from the nearby schools and colleges. Start from the spicy hot Tava paratha to the delicious Dahi puri, this stall serves a number of lovely dishes which are reasonably priced and equally tasty.

Tikki Tikki – Koramangala :

Tikki Tikki

The perplex name itself indicates that this chat stall situated in Koramangala is a unique one serving lovely chats and other food. The shop name comes from the delicious and special food Tikki poori served here which is one of the best street food in Bangalore. If you want a quick bite then stop here and I am sure this taste is going to make you addicted to the yummy food served here. The best ones to eat are the chocolate Tikki, mudpie Tikki, masala Tikki, and paneer Tikki.

Central Tiffin Room – Malleshwaram :

Central Tiffin

The utterly delicious butter Masala Dosa continuously to a huge number of customers is no child’s play. Malleshwaram has done this effortlessly and brilliantly for over six decades and is thus, a delight for Dosa lovers. Nowadays, this Tiffin Room is one of the best places to have South Indian Street Food in Bangalore. Apart from this variety of dosas they also serve idly – vada, kesribath and the poori sagu. There are also many shops which serve ice creams, chats and other stuff around the place.

Hari’s Sandwich Zone – Jayanagar :

Sandwich Zone

The  Hari’s Sandwich Zone is famous for Chocolate Sandwich!! Yes, you know it right, that’s what it is famous for. The Jayanagar street is one of the finest street food joints in Bangalore for having sandwiches and tasty chats. Here, they serve a variety of sandwiches and chats which are as economical as they are healthy. It is located nearby is a Lassi Corner which serves you sweet Lassi to drink after you’re done having your food at the Sandwich Zone.

Shivaji Nagar, VV Puram, Richmond Town, and Frazer Town are an absolute nightmare for car drivers. It is full of narrow roads with endless traffic jams and an eternal shortage of parking spaces. If you want the best experience while visiting these places to eat street food in Bangalore, be sure to travel by bike instead. If you don’t have one, you can easily rent a bike in Bangalore from WheelStreet.