Yummy Might night street food In Chennai

Yummy Might night street food In Chennai

If you relate Chennai only with Idli and Dosa then it is high time that you revise your knowledge.  Chennai, which is one of the top food destinations for many people, has a lot more dishes to offer than the ones which are typically associated with the place.

The rich culture of the place clearly reflects on their food plate as well with a number of varieties to try from. It was featured in the second spot in National Geographic’s list of“Top 10 Food Cities” from around the globe. If you’re a foodie, you cannot give this city a miss. Night time street food areas are Mylapore, Saidapet, Marina, ECR, Teynampet, T.Nagar.  

Idli :

midnight idli

This is one of the most common street foods that one can find in Chennai. It can be found at almost all the street corners of Chennai. It tastes best when served with sambar or coconut chutney. This light snack is easy to make and easy to eat and thus tops the list of street food variety in Chennai. There are many variations that you can find in Idli as it can be fixed with a number of ingredients when making it. When in Chennai, don’t miss Idli for anything.

Chaat :

Chatt Item

This North Indian snack is very famous and popular amongst the locals of Chennai. It can be found at every street corner and everyone serves different flavors than the others. It is a mixture of a number of ingredients mixed with many spices. Of course, you can make this as much spicier as you can. The variety of chaats here are extremely well-balanced and every variety is different from the other. We would suggest you try all the varieties and get the best flavors.

Uttapam :


This South Indian snack is a big hit amongst the locals of Chennai. This dish is a mixture of many vegetables and makes a delicious snack that is loved by the locals and the tourists that visit the place.

The different variety of vegetables gives this dish a mix of different flavors.Uttapam is a lot thicker than Dosa but is served with chutney and sambar as most of the dishes of Chennai are. You may choose from the different varieties available in this dish according to your taste and likings.

Kuzhi Paniyaram :


This dish may look like Idli but is a lot different in terms of taste. It can be eaten as a sweet or as a savory. Black lentils and rice are the two main ingredients that are used for preparing this dish.

Bothsweet and spicy flavors of the dish are loved by the locals and you can find this street food available on every corner of the street. We would recommend trying both the flavors of the dish as both contain a different enjoyment.

Kothu Parotta :


This is one of those dishes in Chennai that you can either try in some fancy restaurants or can be tried on the streets of Chennai. However, this dish available in the restaurant makes a great taste but the taste of this dish available on the street is something else.

It is made by mixing anumber of vegetables with shredded potatoes along with different spices. However, besides mixing vegetables, one can mix meat or eggs in the potatoes as well.

Kings Vada pav :

Vada pav

For a taste of Mumbai right here in Chennai, go down to Kings Vadapav in Purasawalkam and try this burger from Bombay; you will not be disappointed. Located within a bustling shopping area of Chennai, Kings Vadapav is small on price but huge on taste. With a number of combinations as well as a proper chat counter, this little roadside kiosk is a boon to hungry shoppers.

R.K. Sandwich Shop :


As the name suggests the shops sells sandwiches; as averagely tempting as this may sound, R.K. Sandwich Shop is not your typical roadside sandwich wala. A wide variety of this favorite snack can be had here with delicious combinations of fillings making the perfect quick bite on the go. Also, a counter selling chilled pani puri as well as other chats will be sure to tempt you here.

Hemanth Chats :


If you happen to be in Chennai, then take a walk around and discover the numerous stalls and carts on every corner serving a variety of local treats. If you want some great chat, especially pani puri, stop off at Hemanth Chats in Vepery shop for a quick fix. A value for money and light option, the stall opens late afternoon but gets pretty busy towards the evenings.

Rajdhani :


Best known for its excessive Thali and indiscriminate use of pure desi ghee, Rajdhani is an institution that has stood the test of time and is now the last word in most cities for this Indian style buffet. A traditional and pure vegetarian restaurant, the mouth-watering delicacies will leave you completely satiated. Dozens of dishes served to you on a huge steel plate with little bowls, the variety in this one meal is unreal and excruciatingly delicious.

MoonLight :


It is the most favorite option for those who have less money but very hungry. There is no extra charge for serving late at night, Moonlight staffs make sure you have good food. Evening time biryani is famous in this restaurant.

 Sundari Akka Kadai- Marina Beach :

Beach Shop

This tiny shop in Marina Beach is very much famous for seafood. This shop opens at 12.00pm and closes at 8.00pm. With cheap money. you can get mouth-watering food. There is a lot of people standing outside the shop. Don’t miss to visit this shop when you are in Marina.

Food Out- Thiruvanmiyur :

Food Out

People living in not so happening areas in Chennai doesn’t have to worry because midnight outlets are covered all over the city. Food out has some yummy stuff waiting for you all. This shop is open till 6 am.



It is the another best place that you have to have heard of at least once in your life, especially if you live in Chennai. Here, they serve some of the best South Indian food late at night and you would want nothing else if you can stuff your face with dosas and Vadas.



These guys have been around for years, with a few changes and make-over, but things haven’t changed besides the facade. Here, they specialize in Chettinad food, but they’ve also got quite a few North Indian options to choose from.

Food Souk :

Food Souk

Food Souk in Nungambakkam is a takeaway and delivery restaurant that does not have a seating facility. This is the place you’ve to beat if you have midnight cravings as it serves cuisines of South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, and Arabian.  The recommended dishes here are Chicken Rara, Crispy Chicken, Chicken Biryani, Tandoori Wings, Mahesh Chicken, Crispy Prawns, and Butter Fried Prawns. Food Souk is a must go to place for all Non-Vegetarian foodies. It opens from 12.00 Noon to 5.00 Am.

Chennai city is the place of origin of the “Chicken 65” dish, is a top food destination. It has a lot more to offer than just idli and dosa. Its rich and vibrant culture is reflective of its varied food palate. The capital of Tamil Nadu has a wide array of street foods. If you are a foodie and are looking for some of the best street food in Chennai, above-mentioned food is some of the things that might excite you.