Scrumptious Street Food In Dubai You Must Eat Before 40 Old

Scrumptious Street Food In Dubai You Must Eat Before 40 Old

Street food has actually experienced a revival in the past few years, it’s all regarding food pushcarts, street food, kiosks – easy to carry and comfortable to eat light bites, pecks and hot meals. And every nation has its own story of street-side merchants dishing out good food. Here are 8 marvellous street food dishes, that you can get best here in Dubai.



Al Mallah is a famous spot for Shawarma lovers. The staff are friendly and the service is great. They also serve a mean falafel sandwich, if you need to try something unusual. They are best known for their varieties of chicken and chicken shawarmas that are accepted in the order of a sandwich, plate or a regular saj. The quality of the shawarma is absolutely out of this world!

Oman Chips Roll:

Oman Chips Roll

Oman Chips is a greatly popular and local chip found in the Arab that forms a strong part in everyone’s childhood. Everyone like the chip. Try this new delicious Oman chips when you visit Dubai. So, the hype around Oman chips remains as it was.

Shish Tawouk Sandwich:

Street Food In Dubai

This sandwich that is remarkably popular in Dubai and yet senses relatively forgotten by travellers. Stuffed with garlic and spices, the thinly cut chicken is pressed flat upon the flatbread and then worked with other vegetables or pickles. The flavour of this is absolutely out of this world! Whenever visit Dubai, Don’t miss this Sandwich!!

Chicken Tikka, in Ravi Restaurant:

Chicken Tikka

If you’re a nonveg lover, then you should visit the Ravi restaurant for its outstanding meat dishes originating from Peshwari mutton to chicken tikka, traditional biryani and much more stuff this place has to offer. Don’t forget to try out their daal fry as well.

2ND December Street:

2ND December Street

It is one of the best street food spots in Dubai. Here, you can experience a  more kind of food items including the likes of Pakistani, Indian, and Lebanese food. This place offers a lot of delicious food and desserts.

Al Karma :

Al Karma

Al Karma is yet another spot where you are going to be embraced with plenty of street food items that delightful and affordable at the same time. Nevertheless, the greatest thing regarding this place is the multicultural vibe that one goes here. This is the spot that you can do extraordinary purchasing as well forward with becoming famous street food in Dubai.

Ripe Market:

Ripe Market

This place is famous for may good foodie bits and it’s a complete place for connoisseurs Mac n cheese which you get at Melt Room. the best segment about the restaurant at this place is the cleanliness part which is exercised care of and this is their different selling point.

If you are in the mood to tantalize your taste buds, fall in love with Mumbai all over again, find your excuse to ditch that diet or are struggling to find what more does this city has on its menu- fellow foodie, you are at the right place! Dubai, the city of dreams. Many people come from far and wide into this land, in the search of love, acceptance, money, fame and what not. Every people need a solid taste of Dubai street food.