Top 8 Healthy Street Food In Kerala You Must Have It

Top 8 Healthy Street Food In Kerala You Must Have It

Kerala is a region where you will get real food of south India and also the products from other states and even international dishes with an Indian character. Kerala or any other south Indian state must rice in plenty and thus most of their requirements have something done of rice. For example the real Idli’s and Dosas and all composed of rice batter. Here, is the decision of top 8 street food.

Puttu and Kadala Curry:

Street Food In Kerala

Puttu and Kadal curry are most famous in Kerala. This is a considerably favourite breakfast thing and staple food of Kerala. These Kerala dishes are always served with yummy kadala curry which is primarily black channa but can be handled in whichever direction it good!

Appam with Stew:

Appam with Stew

Nobody, what you have it with, famous delicious appam will change that dish? flavour power behind hundred! But, it is frequently joined with a south Indian form stew where all kind of meat is covered in a rich, creamy coconut curry which will make you feel sad when it complete.



Idiyappam is actually made of rice flour, water and salt. Many borders of vermicelli are wrapped collectively to perform this story of appam. Also recognised as noolappam, this Kerala recipe can be paired with any curry including however taste incredible.



Snacks are the most preferred street food. It is usually sold in places where people crowd and cluster during evenings. Banana fritters and cutlets are the favourites of the youth while adults still buy Bonda and Neiyyapam.

Naadan Beef Fry:

Naadan Beef Fry

This delightful Kerala food recipe in a number of ways describes what Kerala is. The paralyzing feelings of this food will make it especially exciting to fall out of love with this place and with whatever it has to offer to its customers. The area is engulfed with many spices.

Malabar Parota:

Malabar Parota

This food originating from the Malabar region. It has a flaky, crispy and crumbly taste which melts in your mouth and passes back a sweet yet spicy taste.  This food is liked by all age group in all state peoples.

Palada Payasam:

Palada Payasam

This classic dessert served during the Onam or any other festival is a plain rice pudding or kheer, prepared in nearly all the households over Kerala. After all, any particular experience is inadequate without the traditional payasam!

Thalaserry Briyani:

Thalaserry Briyani

Briyani is the most famous dish in Thalaserry which is located near the Thalaserry.  This biryani is the unique blend of Kerala spices that gives authentic aroma taste. Every Briyani lover should try this Thalaserry Briyani.

One can endure all the excellent Kerala food at extremely affordable rates. From dining at a statement move to getting food items and taking the various foods of Kerala at home, the normal cost for two souls will frequently vary from INR 250/- to INR 1,000.