Delicious Street Food In South India Your Tongue Taste It

Delicious Street Food In South India Your Tongue Taste It

Every city has its own speciality when it comes to street food. Our wide varieties of delicious, fast and affordable street food are known for providing drought bites. So if your entry has started sprinkling already, we would inspire you to breathe on your character shoots. Here are a few pleasant street stores from South India that you totally cannot say no to:

Momos, the king of street food :

Momos In South India

Momos are the best street food in south India. Seasonal food, however, momos is essential to Nepal and Tibet. This roadside dish menu increases from small food stall to food centre, hotels, and malls. Steaming hot dumplings and Tangy fresh red sauce filled with veggies and chicken is something that we just cannot continue while attending after the stall on the way.

 Idli Sambhar:

 Idli Sambhar Street Food

The most favourite and great south Indian dish. It is popular as a breakfast item and followed with a mixture of sambar and chutney. Sambhar which appears so great with idlis and vadas is made with pigeon peas and tamarind. Many foreigners like idli and vada sambhar combo.

Madurai Street food:

Madurai Street food In South India

Chennaites might bother, but if you need the real taste of Tamil Nadu you must visit Madurai. Madurai loves its mutton meat.  The Famous Jigarthanda and sample the city’s clever turn on the falooda and don’t leave town without investigating into the extreme yet delish three-layered Kari Dosa.

Coin Parotta:

Coin Parotta Street Food

Coin parotta procedure is the same as the Malabar Parotta. It is something about health concern alert, So the coin parotta is a serviced in Malayali wedding. The dough is easy to roll out because of its size and most cooking in homes favour to get them in their kitchen over Malabar parotta.

Mirchi Bajjis:

Mirchi Bajjis Dtreet Food

The famous Hyderabadi style Mirchi bajjis is an appetizer or common snack, stuffed only with large chillis. Though bajjis are filled with many items in different places, Hyderabad bajj is best among them. Hyderabad is mainly famous for its Biryani. This evening snack makes everyone stomach filling.

Fried Fish in Kerala:

Fried Fish street food in Kerala

It’s somewhat great fascinating about the aroma of fish frying, as though everything in your life will be considered right as soon as you set your teeth into its crunchy-yet-soft meat. The powerful good fishy smell cuts through, sizzling tiny sardines, bones and all, on the streets of Kerala.

Mangalore Buns:

Mangalore Buns Street Food

Bun with bananas gives yummy-sweet south Indian snack. Mangalore bun is famous all over south India. The sweet taste large bun makes your stomach filling. In Mangalore every shop has buns. Don’t miss this bun when you visit Mangalore. You can get this bun from any place in south India, but this taste won’t come in any other dishes.


Atho Street Food In South India

The origin of Atho is  Burma. It’s a mixture of noodles, garlic, spices, coriander etc..and there’s actually not many else to say without that we wish this was possible wherever. The story behind it comes from Burma to Tamilnadu is known only to the TamilNadu refugee.

From Kerala to Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and beyond, there’s a good chance you haven’t tried many of these mouth-wateringly good street eats. So scroll through for a state-wise breakdown of the very best and start planning your next food trail.